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Why Now is the Right Time to Buy your First Home

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If you were hoping to make your first real estate purchase, yet are finding it difficult to make the financial payments that come with property ownership, there are some very attractive real estate development that offer deferred payments for quality homes. The pandemic has kept tourists away from Thailand and this is reflected in the land and house prices, as the supply exceeds the demand for housing.

Nothing to Pay for Three Years

It might sound too good to be true, yet there are developers that understand how difficult things are at the moment and they offer their clients huge financial incentives, such as no deposit, or deferred payments for 2-3 years, both of which are very attractive to the first-time buyer. This allows a young couple to actually commit to a property purchase, safe in the knowledge they can afford it. If both parties are working, the mortgage is a breeze, a single person could afford this package.

Lowest Prices

As the Covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out across the world, we can expect to return to normal very soon and that will see land and house prices rise, as the demand increases. If you search for a ready-to-move-in house that offers deferred payments and make a commitment quickly, you will benefit from the lowest prices, indeed, within a few years, you would have a lot of equity in the property. Check out this amazing new single-storey house project in Chonburi (known as บ้าน ชั้น เดียว ชลบุรี โครงการ ใหม่ in Thai) from a leading Thai developer with an excellent reputation in the industry. You can start the process with as little as 5,000 baht and with nothing to pay for 3 years, you can furnish the house as you would like.

Projected Economic Conditions

Most experts agree that when the vaccine has been administered to everyone, things will return to normal very quickly and that equals a surge in both domestic and foreign markets. The price of land always goes up, but the next 2-3 years, should see you make some serious equity, if you were to buy now. Take advantage of the amazing offers that land and property developers are offering and that will be one of the smartest moves you ever make.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information and if you Google ‘housing developments near me’, this will bring up a list of housing developments and you can start looking for your dream home, with nothing to pay for 3 years.

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