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What To Do If An Heir Does Not Want To Sell The Property?

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Heritage properties often bring up a lot of feelings. Not only do they arise in the face of the death of an owner, but they can also require a lot of patience and understanding from everyone involved. Here’s a little more about what you should expect in this situation:

Who Are The Heirs?

Heirs have the right to receive property left by a deceased person. According to a chain of succession, the law establishes who they are, or they can also be those who are informed in a will, that is, who the author of the inheritance assigned in life.

For the sale of a property to be carried out under these conditions by keyrenter, that is, arising from an inheritance, the agreement of all heirs is necessary.

What To Do In Case Of Disagreement?

When an immovable property cannot be shared with only one heir, when there is a discussion in the division of assets and inheritance rights, the judge may order the judicial sale of the property unless the heirs agree.

The heirs themselves have the right to buy the shares of the others for the price stipulated in the valuation of the property. But, if no heir is interested in buying, the property can go to auction. After the auction sale process, the sale value will be shared between the heirs.

Is It Worth It?

The sale of the property through the auction is usually less advantageous for the heirs because the sale values ​​are lower than a usual real estate negotiation. In addition, lawsuits are costly and often time-consuming. The more lawsuits, the more money spent.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to agree with the heirs. The heirs need to talk and agree on the next steps, trying to find a way out of the lawsuit.

Understand Your Needs Before Buying The Property

Analyze issues such as the region you would like to live in, property valuation, children’s intentions, new or used property, number of cars, among others. These points are essential to understand what you are looking for and what will meet your needs, avoiding future stress and regrets.

In addition, at the time of purchase, some details are essential to be considered. If the property is used, it is essential that the finish is noticed and any leaks or renovations be done. Another point is to note if the region is safe or noisy. For this, you can pass through the region at different times of the day and night.

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