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Tips for creating quality listings that stand out in MLS

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With countless home options vying for buyers’ attention, making your listings shine in the MLS is vital. A high-quality listing should captivate and inform potential buyers on the property.  Great imagery immediately catches buyers’ eyes. Strategies include leading with an exterior photo flattering the home’s curb appeal, taking 20+ photos from various angles to showcase all rooms, touring the home at different times to capture lighting nuances, and investing in wide-angle lenses to portray spatial dimensions accurately. Provide ample visual content to highlight the layout.

Craft a persuasive summary  

The description summary offers valuable advertising space to MLS real estate buyers. Focus on piquing interest with details like recent upgrades, architectural style notes, green building elements, desirable neighborhood amenities, and keywords buyers search. Summarize the property’s standout aspects for buyers to dig into the full listing. It is important to understand how the home differs from one another from an overview.

 Get the facts straight

Scrutinize listing details to guarantee accuracy. Verify room dimensions, all inclusions/exclusions, school and tax data, HOA specifics, and disclosures rather than assuming seller input is 100% precise. Spot-check prior listings as well. Inaccuracies, even minor, undermine buyer confidence and satisfaction. Promoting truthful data is your commitment to transparency. They are inventory special attributes like custom finishes, technology wiring, window upgrades, irrigation systems, and the calibre of appliances, lighting fixtures, floors, hardware, and more. Call out rare finds like hand-crafted woodwork, jetted tubs, media rooms, exceptional landscaping, or storage. Back details with photos property features that differentiate the property from others sell its liveability as a result.

Neighborhood narrative  

Paint an enticing portrait of the community and lifestyle. Provide school ratings, highlight popular parks/attractions, list area events, link to restaurant guides, note commute times, and emphasize conveniences that matter to different demographics like millennials or families. Vivid neighborhood depictions help buyers visualize enjoying life there.

Promote your best asset – Space

Since buyers can’t experience the home’s dimensions and flow firsthand initially, maximize perceptions through photography and copy. Use wide-angle shots that illustrate room sizes accurately. Carefully describe layouts and circulation patterns between areas. Suggest furniture arrangements. Detail storage spaces. Quantified spatial attributes address buyers’ practical needs.

Align with audience expectations

Review recent buyer surveys to identify hot trends and current priorities like eco-friendly features, smart home technology, or flexible spaces for remote work. Tailor copy and photography to showcase sought-after elements upfront. With inventory low in many markets, aligning with the “wish lists” of serious buyers gives a competitive edge. The right MLS listing presentation converts more prospects into engaged buyers. Combining compelling photos, enticing summaries, abundant details, and neighborhood lifestyle depictions shapes positive impressions. Taking time to quality listings provides investable marketing tools to maximize a home’s appeal.

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