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Marina del Rey Unveiled: A Newcomer’s Handbook for a Seamless Move

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Marina del Rey is a stunning beachfront neighborhood of Los Angeles in Southern California. This gorgeous town boasts some of the city’s best outdoor recreation, dining, and shopping opportunities. However, if you are planning to move here, Marina del Rey is more than its sunny beaches. This guide will help you move and settle in nicely into this rich community.

Moving to Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey is perfect if you love the ocean, waterfront views, and an active outdoor life. The Oceanside community was built in the 1950s and is home to charming neighborhoods with beautiful mid-century homes. Before your move, it helps to decide the type of home you would like to buy.

Marina del Rey Homes

The growth of the tech and development industries has helped drive up Marina del Rey real estate prices in recent years. The median selling price of a home in the area was $996,000 in 2022, with many listings closing within 40 days. Depending on the size of your family and budget, you can find many charming single-family homes and modern condos in the neighborhood. Your real estate agent, who better understands the area, can help you find the perfect neighborhood and home.

Living in Marina del Rey

Living in Marina del Rey, you can expect a quieter life than in Santa Monica and Venice. This is because, while it is a seaside town, Marina is less busy than its crowded counterparts. It is home to many young tech entrepreneurs and startup owners due to its proximity to Silicon Beach. And the people are warm and welcoming. As you settle down, remember the following key pointers:


Transport is widely varied and efficient in Marina del Rey. You can take the Waterbus across the Marina to six seaside locations or use the Circuit within the city. The Circuit is an electric shuttle program that operates within Marina and up to Venice. In addition to being free, it is an efficient way to get around the city. Marina is also home to multiple bus lines and fairly close to the Metro Rail E Line.

Shopping and Groceries

Marina’s shopping scene perfectly balances boutique shopping and essentials. You can easily access grocery stores, dry cleaners, and clothing stores anywhere in the neighborhood. Among other stores, Marina is home to Rainbow Acres Natural Foods, CVS, Trader Joe’s, and Gelson’s Market.

Food and Restaurants

For food, your preferences will dictate where you eat because Marina del Rey has it all. You can enjoy seafood at waterfront restaurants by the beach, such as SALT. Or you can have a more casual experience downtown if you are up for a salad and sandwich. The Warehouse Restaurant, a local hotspot, is home to Marina’s best live music and rum cocktails.


And during your days off, you can enjoy the scenic beach through strolls, kayaking, jet skiing, boating, and other water activities. If you prefer to stick to land, Marina del Rey hosts multiple arts, food, and music festivals every year, including the Marina del Rey Summer Concert Series.

Get Help Moving into Your Marina Del Rey Home

Moving to Marina del Rey will require a lot of planning and paperwork, so it is always wise to involve a real estate agent. Bill was raised in California’s South Bay and is familiar with the Marin del Rey community, including the real estate market and local laws. If your heart is set on moving to this seaside community, call his office to find out how he can help you.

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