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Feel Secure with a Heavy-Duty Stair Lift

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If you have ever considered having a stair lift fitted but, you are worried about safety, then perhaps you should speak with a team of local experts that will be happy to show you what is on offer and hopefully, put your mind at rest. The only choice then would be, do you hire or do you buy? That’s a question only you can answer.

Times have changed

People change over time and, as such so do the products that are being developed for us to use. If the thought of having a stair lift fitted fills you with worry that you will get a flimsy, hard to use piece of machinery installed in your home, then you’d be surprised to know that heavy duty stair lifts are available, offering a twofold benefit: Ease of Use and overall strength.

Ease of use

Some of the heavy-duty stair lifts in Sutton Coldfield are available for purchase or hire, and really easy to use. They have only a few buttons, some of them have two sets, one near each hand; perfect for anybody with restricted mobility. Some are super narrow; they can fit into even the tightest of stairs and you have the option of a swivel chair to help you in and out of the machine.

Overall strength

Some machines offer all of the above and are rated to accommodate up to 440 lbs, they are manufactured to the highest of standards and, as you’d expect, they come with a guarantee to provide you with added peace of mind.

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