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Considerations Prior To A Demolition Project

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 On any construction project or property development there is a chance that there is a requirement for some form of demolition prior to a new building or extension being completed. Depending on the location, the size and access of the plot of land and the extent of the demolition work required, there could be any number of plant hire requirements that you need to look into as the project manager on site. Here, we look at the different considerations of a demolition project and how utilising a specialist contract plant hire service in the UK could be of great benefit to you.

No matter the size of a property that needs to be demolished, there are a few things that always crop up. This could be a single-storey residential building that is to be knocked down before a new build can be put up, or the demolition of a large tower that is part of a large city skyline. There is often a need to hire plant equipment to ensure that some tidying up takes place prior to the new work commencing. There are both safety and aesthetic reasons for this usually and understanding what you need and when is a crucial part of managing a demolition phase of a construction project.

This preparation phase is one of the most crucial aspects of any development. It ensures that you are never surprised by a hidden nasty further down the line, which could cause unnecessary delays, disruption, and in the worst-case scenario, the cancellation of a project.

First though, you need to look after the legal considerations of the project. The Local Planning Authority must have given the go-ahead for the project as a whole and the different specific aspects of it. Make sure the site is secure, safe for contractors and that you have all the necessary permits and work conditions. You need to consider:

Planning permission – do you need planning permission to demolish the property or is it classed as a ‘Permitted Development’?

Neighbourhood considerations – If the property is not detached you must be considerate of any immediate neighbours and the integrity of the structures present.

Local wildlife – The LPA may request a wildlife survey to be undertaken, depending on the location and the level of rurality of the plot of land.

Cost of demolition and timescale–How long do you expect the demolition phase to take? Understand the exact demolition timescale and costs before commencing with the task. This can help you factor in the different processes, equipment and costs that could hinder the overall project if they come as a surprise further down the line.

Plant hire requirements – You’ll need to speak with your plant hire contract team to discuss the requirements of plant hire for the demolition tasks. It is important that there is a safe method of work and the correct pieces of equipment to ensure that the demolition is completed in a safe and smooth manner.

Your plant hire service is in the best position to help you should you be undertaking a demolition of a structure prior to construction work taking place. Whether a single property on a residential plot, or a large city-centre structure, it is vital that you have the right plans in place, the right plant hire contract, and the right contractors to perform the demolition and prepare the ground for the next phase of construction.

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